Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Healthy Eating Pattern

Maintain the natural pattern of EATING HEALTHY body avoid various forms of the disease, this is in fact already done by the ancestors REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE. Why does this occur so many diseases? This is because the consumption of food a day to eat is a mixture of chemicals. Next Tip HEALTHY EATING PATTERN patterns avoid the body's disease virus.

Avoid cuisine cooked with spices. Cooked flavor is not very good for our bodies, because the broth is made from animals that are processed as the crystal grain

Avoid eating meat is better. Would not eat the same foods meat. Basically that the food does not contain animal fat

Basically, to make our bodies to stay healthy, avoid foods that contain animal fat. All the pattern of food we eat in time to return to our forefathers who ate all the food natural.I things can we do this, the body will be far from the disease virus.

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